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Category: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Released: Oct 16, 2009

Size: 1.4 MB

Seller: Ha Dung

Latest version: 1.0




Build-in Web Browser of Download Manager Pro is a simple Web Browser with some basic functions as back, forward, set home page.

In addition, It has some advanced functions supporting you to download conveniently such as:

? Download Notification Engine:

This Engine has a task to trigger a Download Notification when you click a downloadable link. If you click a downloadable link but no Download Notification is triggered you should use "Force Download Next Link" function described below, then click the link to download it

? Save Page:

Save the current page (only HTML not include images)

? Download Next Link:

Indicate that next link must be downloaded.

? Show all images:

Show all images in the current page for easily downloading images.

? Bookmark:

Bookmark current page and add, remove, edit, organize bookmarks.


Download Manager Pro allows you to manage your downloads with Download Manager component. You can:

? DELETE Download Item.

? ADD Download Item.

? RESUME a stopped Download Item.

? REDOWNLOAD a error or completed Download Item.

? STOP a downloading Download Item.

? View properties of Download Item as: Size, Completed Size, Speed, Percentage and Time Remain.

? Clear all completed or error items

? Badge value for number of active downloads

? Sound notification for completed download


Download manager Pro allows you to manage your downloaded file with File Manager component. You can:

? Delete, move and rename files or folders

? Create new folder

? View a file which has formats supported by Iphone OS with convenient viewers (support to view files in Landscape mode).

? Save scroll postion for long document files

? Support save image files to Photo Library (by Image Viewer)




Download Manager Pro provides two ways to share downloaded files with your PC:

? FTP: you can use Explorer, Finder or any FTP Client (such as File Zilla) to access to downloaded files.

Note: with FTP you can download, upload many files at the same time (except that you use Finder). Sometimes, when connecting to FTP service Finder raise an error "The operation cannot be completed because one or more required itmes cannot be found" when connecting to your Iphone, please press 'Try Again' until successful

? HTTP: you can use Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, or any Web browser to access downloaded files.

Note: with HTTP you can download, upload files to your Iphone/IPod.


Download Manager Pro allows you to download from authorized web site . To use this function you must go to Settings then add the web site and username, password of it to Site Login List.

? Bookmarklet ?

To send a link to Download Manager from Safari:

Step 1: create a bookmark in safari with javascript line:


Step 2: To send current link of safari to Download Manager, tap to bookmark button then tap to the bookmark.

? Language Support ?

Currently support 4 language English, Vietnamese, Japanese and Russian.

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Интересува ме каква и е ползата на тази програмка в сравнение с download плъгина за Safari? Пак си се свалят линковете без проблем? Мерси!

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What's new in Version 1.2

- Add new language: Turkish (Thanks Joseki Amora for translating).

- Add option for enabling/disabling "Auto hide Address bar" function.

- Support to play all mp3 files in a folder with repeating and shuffling.

- Support to download Youtube Video more convenient, see Online FAQ for more details.

- Improve performance.



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Download Manager Pro v1.2.7


What's new in the latest version:


- Fix bug : Sometime, "Cancel button of action sheet" doesn't response .

- Support open movie files with TV out.

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Download Manager (1.7.1)

What is new in Version 1.7.1
- Fix "YouTube" bug.
- Fix bug of bookmarklets.
- Fix bug of lock feature for iOS 4.
- Fix bug of change language for iOS 4.
- Fix some others bugs.


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