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Натисни иконката "i" и ще видиш инструкциите, наистина може да шашнете някой :lol:

Aveliki може да потвърди :)

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В упътването пише, че е добре за нас да не публикуваме и разкриваме тайната на програмата... за наше добро за да поддържаме тайните скрити и за да не се разбира за какво иде реч :cool:

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да ви кажа честно

мисля че всеки който притежава устройството се досеща още от клипа как действа

аз лично се досетих ..

но наистина шашкам приятелите си с разни фокусчета

хубавото на програмката е че можеш и сам да измислиш някакъв вид "фокус" :cool:

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Latest version: 1.2


New in this version

• Added optional Passcode entry using the color pallete. This makes the secret screen nearly impossible to find when handing iForce out for examination.

• Searching for "Doodle" on the App Store will now show Doodle from Recreation Software (FINALLY!!). Doodle looks exactly like iForce without the magic features. Encourage your audience to try "Doodle" for themselves.

• iForce is now capable of being converted to any language, we just don't know any other languages well enough to do it ourselves. If you know a language well enough to translate it, send us an email at greg@rostamimagic.com. Thanks.

A note to those of you who love iForce but are giving it a one star review to keep it on the down low. I have three other magic apps that are already in the works and many more ideas, but this trend is really making me rethink whether or not to go forward with any of them. It's already tough to get sales on a magic app when there is virtually no word of mouth, but to have your users post dishonest reviews and ask others to do so as well is very disheartening. Please take the time to rerate iForce with an honest rating. The karma will come back two-fold. :-)

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