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Програмката е пакет, съдържащ 25 от най-популярните приложения в апстор:

AppVault Pro

Последна версия: 1.2



1) iTunes Alarm Clock. Wake up to any song on your playlist.

2) Battery. Shows you how long you'll have to wait for a full charge.

3) Flashlight. Never be in the dark again, or dance to the strobe.

4) Translator. Translate between 53 languages including LOLcats.

5) Unit Converter. Quickly convert units with a stylish interface.

6) Bible. Look up passages or read the verse of the day.

7) Tip Calculator. Quickly determine tips and split checks.

8) Level. Use your device to tell if any surface is balanced or not.

9) Currency Converter. Quickly compare one currency to others.

10) Days Until. Get countdowns to your birthdays and anniversaries.

11) Period Calc. Keep track of your girl's or your own monthly cycles. (With password protect).

12) Dice. Roll dice whether they are 6 or 20 sided - great for games.

13) Loan Calc. Learn how much you'd save with one extra payment/year.

14) Price Compare. Find out what's cheaper at the grocery store and save.

15) Holidays. Learn about holidays across the world, and silly holidays!.

16) Date Calc. Add days to dates, and find out who you can "date"

17) Ruler. Measure any object with your device.

18) System Info. Learn detailed information about your device.

19) Sale Price. Find out how much you're really saving with a discount.

20) Parking Buddy. Never forget where your car is parked again.

21) Coin Flip. Flip an animated coin, for decision making or fun.

22) iPlasma. Have a lava lamp in your pocket.

23) Dashboard. Quickly view information all in one place.

24) Guitar Tools. Tune your guitar and lookup chords.

25) Web Apps. A directory of the coolest web apps and games out there. Access hundreds of web-based apps and games, making AppVault a huge value.


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AppVault Pro 1.3


подобрен интерфейс на Flashlight
подобрен интерфейс на Seleprice
подобрен интерфейс на TipClac

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