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Zenonia 2


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Версия 1.7 (cracker: iphonelover, arm6 tested)


What's New in Version 1.7

1. Inventory Fixes

- Fixed the inventory UI crash

- Fixed lag occurring in the inventory menu

- Fixed the glitches with the ingredient items

2. PvP Glitches

- Fixed the freezing issue occurring during quick battles

3. Cloud Saving Fixes

- Fixed the cloud saving error occurring during cross device saving.

You can now cloud save from one device to another.

4. Mail Bug

- Fixed the connection error to the network server.

5. Notes

- Fairy: The active skill can only be activated when in full sync.

The Fairy also shares skill points with your character.

- Skill Points: Please be aware that some skills require more than one skill point to activate.


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Версия 1.8 (cracker: most_uniQue, ARM6 тествана)



What's new in Version 1.8

1. Inventory Bug fixed.

- Solved the issue where certain items which were picked up did not appear in the Equipment menu.

2. Tweaked Menu UI.

- Solved many of the UI glitches which existed within the in-game menu.

3. GAMEVIL Live bug resolved

4. New icon

***Please note: If you continue to experience problems with the inventory menu or in-game UI, update to the current iOS. If the problem persists, please contact us via email.

НАЙ-НАКРАЯ са оправили бъговете с менюто и инвентара! :)

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Ремонт на покриви | Ремонт на покриви цени | Хидроизолация на покриви

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